il Faro

Cooperative Company


Il Faro Cooperative Company is an organization which works in many cities of the Marche, specifically in the areas of Macerata, Ancona and Fermo. Founded in 1990, the Cooperative deals with many activities, and each of them are focused on personal services – educational, care and social ones addressed to children, adolescents, young adults, people with disabilities, families and elderly.

Il Faro HOUSING is an accommodation and hospitality service which the Cooperative has been dealing with for many years. Recently, it also manages the facilities owned by the University of Macerata.


Reception and support are a feature of the Cooperative’s services. Indeed, “Il Faro HOUSING” supports its customers both in the housing choice and inclusion in the building; not to mention the positive, comfortable and stimulating environment which is offered by the different facilities. Living in a university residence allows you to deal with multiple intercultural relations and it also provides you the opportunity to live intensively the academic experience, emphasizing your own personality and passions.


Courtesy, hospitality, social integration and collaboration are the features that “Il Faro HOUSING” pursues in order to provide assistance to those who have the need of an accommodation for academic educational, or cultural reasons.



With its own facilities IL FARO HOUSING wants to pursue the realization of the "Urban Campus": a project to create a university cohabitation with high international quality standards, a Campus which is spread over the entire city with its places and its people. In this sense, “Il Faro HOUSING” offers different housing solutions:

  • residences
  • hostels
  • apartments
  • guesthouse